About Nabilah Nordin

I make giant, clumsy sculptures. They ooze and bulge and crumble and squelch. I use a rigorous schedule with time restraints and quotas. It’s a gym workout crossed with a one-person manufacturing plant. The sculptures talk about the demands of time, material and labour. They also talk about overproduction. Found objects like chairs, hat-stands and sinks are concealed beneath layers of cement, glue and plaster. Together, they form into muddy clusters. The sculptures become a vocabulary, like awkward sentences that don’t quite make sense. a grubby bunch of cement athletes performing upon a theatre of the absurd.

I often collaborate with Nick Modrzewski. We merge film, painting, and performance within loosely fabricated sculptural environments. We exhibit in galleries, public spaces, a court-house, an amphitheatre, a karaoke room, a chicken shop and a bathroom. We’ve also constructed our own golf course, kitchen and living room.