Born 1991, Singapore

Based in Sydney. Lives and works between Australia and Singapore


2015 Master of Contemporary Art, Victorian College of the Arts

2013 Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT University


2020 COMA Gallery (upcoming)

2019 Singapore Biennale, Singapore Art Museum (upcoming)

2019 'Love Cushions' with Nick Modrzewski, Firstdraft, Sydney

2019 'Stop Peeping' Cement Fondu Project Space, Sydney

2018 'glup plunc glerp thint than nurp earm tinn gamp shtirt' DISINI, Singapore

2018 'The Nutmeg Dream' with Nick Modrzewski, Oh! Open House, Singapore

2017 'Mark all as read' with Nick Modrzewski and Katie Paine, Blindside, Melbourne

2017 'Malay Wedding' Chapter House Lane, Melbourne

2017 'Vacuum Cleaning and Exotic Birds' with Nick Modrzewski, Fort Delta, Melbourne

2016 'Chicken Shop' 64 + 4 Hawker Centre, with Nick Modrzewski, Loyang Lane, Singapore

2015 'Comfortable Living' c3 Contemporary, with Nick Modrzewski, Melbourne

2014 'Under One Roof' Fort Delta, Melbourne

2014 'Dear Container' Seventh Gallery, Melbourne

2012 ‘Ambiance’ Lincoln Art Centre, Melbourne


2019 ‘Potential Space’, Kennards Self Storage, Sydney

2019 ‘Peace Altitude’, The Commercial, Sydney

2019 ‘Those Monuments Don’t Know Us’ Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Melbourne

2018 'In a World of Wounds' Artbank, Sydney

2018 'A hush fell' Vacant TV Production Studio in Collingwood, Melbourne

2018 'HYGENIA3000' True Estate Gallery, Melbourne

2017 'SERIOUS WORK' Rearview Gallery, Melbourne

2017 'From the ocean to the silver city...' Australia High Commission, Singapore

2017 'Soft Meat/ Tender Edges' @ 319 Lygon Street, Melbourne

2016 'The World Precedes the Eye' Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, an affiliate project of the Singapore Biennale

2016 'Various Findings' Chamber Presents, Melbourne

2016 'The Hunch' Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne

2016 'Caves @ Switchback' Federation University, Gippsland

2015 'Masters Graduate Exhibition' Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

2015 'Agendo Exhibition' St Heliers Street Gallery, Melbourne

2015 'Domestic Living' Kew Court House, with Nick Modrzewski, Melbourne

2015 'Smell of an oily rag' Fort Delta, Melbourne

2014 'No Werk' Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne

2014 'Proud' Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne

2014 'Parking Lot' VCA gallery, Melbourne

2013 ‘RMIT Graduate Exhibition’ RMIT University, Melbourne

2013 ‘Hot Mess’ D11 @ Docklands


2019 Isobel Parker Philip ‘Critic’s Choice’ Art Collector, Oct-Dec 2019 Issue

2018 Haryani Ismail 'Pengukir arca 'balik kampung' demi warnai rumah kedai Emerald Hill' Berita Harian, 2018

2017 Brigid Hansen 'MARK ALL AS READ' Art and Australia, 2017

2016 Rathsaran Sireekan 'The world precedes the eye' Art Asia Pacific, 2016

2015 Hannie Rayson ‘The secret life of stuff’ The Age, October 2015

2015 Dan Rule ‘Nabilah Nordin and Nick Modrzewski: Comfortable Living’ The Age, September 2015